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Universal Watch Co., Inc. is the United States distributor of the Boccia Titanium watches and jewellery, TeNo (pronounced teeno) Stainless Steel Jewellery and Watches, The TitanFactory, Steel Blaze and 40Nine . UWC was founded in 1994 by President Raphael Cohen to bring the Akteo thematic watch line to the U.S.. The Akteo concept explores themes from the arts, professions, sports, passions, and music.

In 1996 UWC discovered the Boccia Titanium Watch line. The Boccia watch line is the only all titanium watch line in the world. Boccia watches are both stylish and sophisticated designs in pure titanium. Boccia has since added jewellery to it's collection for a well-rounded competitive line-up.

UWC has also added TeNo Stainless Steel Jewellery and Watches to it's repertoire. TeNo brings new meaning to stainless steel, combining with diamonds, ceramics, gold, sapphires, and even rubber! Every single piece of TeNo jewellery is quite unique!

UWC was very proud to launch The TitanFactory Collection. The TitanFactory advanced titanium jewellery is like no other. The finish is superior and the look is clean and attractive. They introduce titanium to 18kt. Yellow and Red Gold, and also mix in Silver and Platinum to their fine jewellery. The results are fascinating. The TitanFactory line is made in Germany.

Steel Blaze and 40Nine watches are the only collections manufactured by UWC. The mission of Steel Blaze is to bring you the ultimate collection of "wearable" watches, jewellery, accessories and more in Stainless Steel with cutting-edge design. 40Nine brings you exciting and fun watches and jewellery where each piece is priced exceptionally well.
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