Our new collection of hand-finished jewellery in sterling silver captures popular, playful icons of paradise in glorious colours, from cool tones to hot shades.

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Ocean Life Openwork Charm

Pandora Ocean Life Openwork Charm

Sure to make a splash, this gorgeous sterling silver charm illustrates enchanting underwater life with intricate fish, shell and plant details, and vibrant oceanic hues. Along its sides, dome-shaped stones create an effect reminiscent of water droplets. Available online or in-store.

Orchid Charm

Pandora Orchid Charm

Beautifully illustrating the grace of an exotic orchid, this charm presents a vibrant pink and purple colour scheme with hand-applied enamel and sparkling stones. The splash of bright colour lifts soft pastels or creates sunset effects when worn with other sizzling shades. Available online or in-store

Tropical Starfish & Sea Charm

Pandora Tropical Starfish & Sea Charm

Capture the spirit of the ocean and fond seaside memories with this adorable hanging charm featuring a starfish and a seashell. Beautifully crafted from sterling silver, the stones shimmer in an aquatic minty hue. Available online or in-store.

White Orchid Charm

Pandora White Orchid Charm

Inspired by nature's most beautiful flowers, this charm encapsulates its grace in a delicate design embellished with hand-applied enamel and shimmering stones. Ideal for adding a tropical twist or creating eclectic floral mixes. Available online or in-store.

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