Diamonds with a clear conscience

Origin has always played an important part when purchasing an item of value, in particular a luxury product. It provides us with a level of comfort and allows us to understand the item we are purchasing in greater detail, thus making our purchase an easier and more secure one. 

Can you imagine going to buy a car and when you ask the salesperson where the car was made their answer is “I have no idea.” Would you buy that car? Would you purchase a computer that has no brand name at all attached to it, one that had no-name chips and parts? Your answer is probably “no way”. That’s because by knowing the origin of a product, namely where it was made and how it was brought to market, helps us understand the quality and worth of the item we are purchasing. In fact, knowing a product’s origin and history increases its value. 

Origin makes the purchase an easier decision to make. Swiss watches, Italian clothing, fine wines, German engineering and digital technology are all examples of the vital role that origin plays when purchasing a high-value product. Today, there is almost nothing that we purchase that does not have an identifiable origin attached to it. Food, clothing and even our most basic products all contain origin or “made in” tags. So, if even the shirts on our backs can tell us where they were made, why would we ever consider purchasing a diamond without knowing where it comes from? 

Today, modern technology can artificially alter the colour and quality of a diamond. Diamonds are mined all over the world. It is important to know that your diamond was mined in a socially and environmentally correct manner. The more you know, the better off you are, and that statement holds true for diamonds. Today, it is possible to know the origin of your diamond if you purchase a CanadianFire diamond. CanadianFire diamonds are all mined in Canada adhering to its strict social and environmental laws. Once the diamonds leave the earth they are tracked by a transparent process through our cutting and refining facility to our retail jewellers. Once polished, each diamond is permanently laser-inscribed with a unique Diamond Identification Number (DIN).

We then inspect each diamond to ensure that it meets our high standards of cut and quality. Only then do we issue our CanadianFire Certificate of Origin, which serves as your guarantee that the diamond you are purchasing: 

  1. Is mined in Canada in a socially and environmentally correct manner. 
  2. Is a 100% genuine natural diamond. 
  3. Has passed our rigorous inspection for quality and cut. 

A CanadianFire diamond certified for its origin and tracked from the earth right to your finger is a diamond that is more valuable and will hold its worth forever. You will never have any doubt as to its quality or authenticity. Whether you intend to hold onto this diamond for many years or upgrade it, you can be confident in its value. Insist on knowing your diamond’s origin just like you do when you buy a car, watch, computer, or any other item that is valuable to you. It’s important and worth it. 


Sometime after the earth began, deep within the earth’s core, carbons came together. With time and pressure, the carbons crystallized into the most precious object in the world – a diamond. There it waited for 3 billion years, until a volcano erupted, taking it on a turbulent journey to the earth’s surface and coming to rest beneath a glacial lake in Canada’s Arctic North. 

Introducing CanadianFire, a diamond remarkably pure and natural. Every CanadianFire diamond is mined and polished to the highest standards uncovering its rare beauty and brilliance. Each diamond comes with a Certificate of Origin confirming that it was mined in Canada’s Arctic North. Our stringent monitoring system follows your diamond from the mine, through the refining facility, to you – the only programme of its kind in the world. Only diamonds of the finest purity and craftsmanship qualify to receive our CanadianFire Certi cate of Authenticity, the highest level of certification. 


The CanadianFire Certificate of Origin guarantees Canada as the natural birthplace of your diamond.

For security each CanadianFire diamond is laser-inscribed with a unique Diamond Identi cation Number. This Certificate ensures the life process by which a CanadianFire diamond is mined and crafted. Knowing the place of origin preserves the value of your diamond.

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