Insight into the recent trend of upgrading engagement rings and our expert advice if you want to do the same.

It’s the oldest story in the book and one that’s been told in many forms over many years.

Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy asks girl to marry him and presents her with a beautiful diamond ring to seal his love because diamonds are forever.

Or are they?

Many couples are taking part in the new trend to upgrade the engagement ring should boy, girl or both find themselves enjoying an “upgraded” lifestyle a little later into their marriage.

It is a controversial topic and just like love, marriage and all things romance, upgrading the diamond ring that the blushing bride received to betroth her to her beau, can evoke a passionate response.

We understand that there is probably no other piece of jewellery with more meaning and sentiment attached than that of the engagement ring. It’s a promise of a life together and a symbol of a commitment.

Some may find the concept of upgrading insulting to their dearly beloved, but it simply makes sense to improve your ring as you improve your financial situation. In fact, some couples on the cusp of engagement now are in discussions about the “practice” or “stand by” ring just until they can afford to have the original ring replaced or redesigned into a more extravagant setting more befitting of their tastes. As they grow old together.

Wherever you stand on the practice of upgrading the diamond ring, it’s a trend that’s catching on so we’ve put together 3 tips for couples who are in fact in the process of upgrading:

  • With which ring do I thee wed?  Replace or Redesign? 

Decisions, decisions. You will have to make some. An upgrade doesn’t necessarily mean replacement. Many couples feel the original ring is steeped in sentimentality and want to retain some of its features so opt for a redesign. A redesign could entail anything from switching out a centre stone to overhauling the ring’s existing setting. What is integral though when making the decision to upgrade and/or redesign is to thoroughly research all of your options.
Upgrading your ring does not have to mean out with the old and in with the new or that you are leaving the past in the past. With the right redesign, you can maintain the integrity of your precious engagement memories and enhance them to take into the future.

  • Is bigger better? 

Whilst size does matter regarding the value of a diamond, quality is more important than quantity. All diamonds are not created equal so look for the highest quality diamond you can afford as long term this is what will retain the value. Take unique or distinctive features into consideration and look for perfection in polish, symmetry, and proportion. So whether you go with a new ring or upgrading your old ring, when it comes to diamond settings, choose according to the four C’s.  Cut, colour, clarity and carat weight are a given but also seek a fifth C in the form of a certificate to assure your diamond’s authenticity and provide you with the sixth C of confidence.

  • Do you take this Jeweller?

It’s integral to find a jeweller that you trust.  A good jeweller will spend the time you need to discuss your perfect dream ring and assist you with important design and technical elements such as the difference between a diamond’s carat weight, clarity and colour. He or she will also explain how each can work to enhance your upgraded ring.
At Centre Jewellers Alice Springs we have a deep commitment to manufacturing the highest quality engagement rings. We have our own in-store workshop where we remodel and custom design engagement rings. Come in store and show us your engagement ring, as well as an image of a ring style you like or we can help create the design of your dreams.

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